Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Autumn Riding Lessons

The teacher's concentration is evident.
It never wavers from her students.
She's got her eyes on all riders at all times.

The new student is getting the jist of riding. Trot, trot, listen to the teacher!

The horses are a handsome bunch, just as the cowgirls are so pretty.

Look at these cowgirls go!

Loping never looked so good!

Uh, oh. One rider is not paying attention.

Put your hat on buddy, and ride!
In the end the teacher praises the student. Good job!

Riding a big furry animal.
The student was amazed.

Petting the horse is frosting on the cake.

Content and competent riders lead the horses up to the stables, heading back to put away the tack and pat their horses...always good therapy to pat those big, gentle animals.

Good horses. Good students.

Working together and learning new things...everybody is always learning.